“Sick Drawings”

As my 2015 undergraduate thesis, I explored the expressive variations in linear drawings that is manifested out of the deterioration my own body control having an autoimmune disorder called Myasthenia Gravis. Also titled “Sick Drawings”, this is where this exploration in this unique process started. With this body of work, I emphasized how the body relates and contributes to the process of drawing as expression and as physical record of both body and artist’s thoughts and intentions.

As part of the mechanics of of preparing myself for doing these works, at specified times, I took myself off from medication, as well as get into the right condition by doing repetitive physical activity before drawing, in order to lose control. This was, in a way, also a means for me to question my usual way of drawing, if only to expand the processes which define drawing as expression.

I have made a series of ink drawings of anthropomorphic images on paper, focusing on human limbs and nature, still familiar or recognizable combinations of forms that also use precise and repetitive lines integral in showing and enhancing the symptoms of the disorder and therefore its effects on the work. Creating a series also allowed me to explore different approaches through time-based works. There are timed drawing sessions wherein I am under medication and there are also timed sessions when I am not medicated, underpinning the concept of control and surrender in the drawing processes.