Return to Sender

“Return to Sender” is my work for Paper Weight, a group show organized by Gwen Bautista and myself for Altro Mondo Creative Space. With this work, I wanted to explore the idea of how objects, in this case postcards, can be an extension or a signifier of the self, how its absence points to its importance to the sender/receiver– its weight. I wanted to discover for myself and, at the same time, demonstrate how objects then can perform action in the place of a body. With the help of our, sometimes unreliable mailing system, “Return to Sender” becomes an attempt to locate one’s self in the world as well as a trigger for feelings of anticipation and introspection about the possibility of losing mail and the elation felt upon receiving mail, which again for this work, is a piece of the sender, the self.

Each postcard was handmade. They depict landscapes fabricated from memory. Each has short descriptions of where I, the sender, currently live, sort of like hints. My mailing address has been erased after they’ve been received.

Paper Weight opened on July 20 and closed on August 12 at Altro Mondo Creative Space.